Supreme Nesting Mix

Supreme Nesting Mix

 Provides good accessible cover, particularly for smaller birds such as Partridge. Alternatively it can be sown around duck ponds and surrounding areas. Contains nectar producing plants that attract a range of insect and small mammal species compatible to small bird life.

  • This mixture has a wide sowing window and can be sown from late March to early August, dependent on Seed bed conditions and Soil temperatures
  • After full establishment, we advise a very light 'topping' at the end of year one, to prevent lush growth in winter and possible plant kill

Post emergence weed control available.


The nesting mix is primarily for longer-term use, (minimum 2 to 3 years).


Sweet Yellow Blossom Clover 1.25 kg
Longer term Red Clover 1.50 kg
Crested Dogstail 1.00 kg
Canary Grass (la Aquatica) 0.75 kg
Sainfoin 2.50 kg
Timothy Grass 0.50 kg
Cocksfoot Grass 1.00 kg


8.50kgs per acre pk, (18.801bs/acre)

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