Free Access Minerals & Protein Concentrates

Free Access Minerals and Protein Concentrates for Cattle and Sheep.

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Free Access Minerals

Own brand minerals available on request.

General Purpose Free Access Minerals
Code: 2000

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Hi Phos Free Access Minerals
Code: 2001

Contains a high level of available phosphorus to maintain and improve fertility and milk yield.

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Sheep Free Access Minerals
Code: 2002

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Mag Free Access Minerals
Code: 2004

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Dry Cow Free Access Minerals
Code: 2005

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Protein Concentrates

Ewe 40% Protein Concentrate
Code: 430

All natural protein, this concentrate is ideal for mixing with cereal at 100 - 150 kg per tonne to give a finished feed with 13.5% to 15% protein. This ration is suitable for ewes and lambs to provide protein, energy and essential vitamins and trace elements.

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Turbo Beef Protein Concentrate
Code: 435

Natural protein with urea. When mixed with cereals at a rate of 50– 75 kg per tonne it will result in a good quality rations with a protein content of 13% to 14.5% protein which is suitable for feeding to fattening and finishing cattle.

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Dual Purpose 50% Protein Concentrate
Code: 431

Providing both soya bean meal and urea, Dual Purpose 50 does not contain copper so can be mixed in rations that are Intended for both cattle and sheep.

A mixing rate of 75 kg - 100 kg per tonne is recommended to give a finished ration containing 13.5% to 14.5% protein which can be fed to fattening cattle and sheep.

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