Grass Leys & Game Cover Range

Grass Leys

Supreme Short Term

A superb 2 to 3 year intensive silage and grazing Ley. Gives good early & late season bite, plus very high silage yields with high sugar content. Can be cut up to 4 times per year or used for zero grazing.

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Supreme Medium Term

Ideal for dual purpose on mixed livestock farms. Suits intensive regimes for dairy or silage systems. Medium term contains no clover, enabling easy cost efficient broadleaf weed control after establishment.

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Supreme Permanent

An exceptionally hardy and persistent ley mix, suited to a minimum 8 to 10 years + duration. Packed with top Diploids Perennial Ryegrasses to provide a dense bottom to the sward. Diploids make this mixture ideally conductive to grazing over a very long period. Flexible to make Hay, Haylage or Silage.

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Supreme Long Term Dual Purpose

A highly flexible and productive long term Ley, inclusive of a quality White Clover Blend, containing medium & large leaved varieties.

Absolutely perfect for a range of livestock situations. Gives exceptional high sugar silage, plus highly digestible aftermaths. (Duration a minimum 5 to 7 years).

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Supreme Super Cut

A longer duration specialist cutting mixture capable of 5 to 6 years top quality forage production. Contains leading varieties with high cutting scores, plus Timothy to help fill the mid-summer gap. Soluble carbohydrate / sugar levels are outstanding. Top quality combined with good ground cover & persistency. Does not contain clover!

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Supreme Horse & Pony Paddock Mix

A specialist & proven equine mixture primarily for grazing with an option to cut for hay or haylage. Very long term & highly durable, it does not contain any clover to avoid potential Laminitis problems in the Equine species.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: We do not include any Tetraploid Ryegrass varieties in this specific mixture, because they inhibit the easy curing of hay / haylage, and can be detrimental to equine species digestive systems. 


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Supreme Total Graze

The robust nature of this Ley means not only will it last for a minimum 8 years, but it is suited to a range of locations and soil types. This highly digestible leafy sward of high sugar grasses will enhance meat and milk production due to the palatability and nutritional gain from the leading varieties in the mixture.

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Game Cover Range

Supreme Game Mix

Provides a range of food sources to attract both big and small birds, Robust and varied in its cover production, making it a must for quality shoots. It is also eligible for wild bird cover under Stewardship or Setaside schemes.

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Supreme 'Pro' Shoot Mix

 It is an ideal choice for a limited budget or for larger shoots with many acres to seed. It creates a varied cover and provides a good mixture of food sources for all game bird types.


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Supreme Quinoa/Kale Mix

Provides both excellent cover, plus a high protein feed source via Quinoa. Suitable as a game strip on the field margins of arable land. It can also be used for set-a-side. Our S.Q.K. mix is supplied in 5Ib packs at a realistic seed rate, thus providing real value for money.

*It can be sprayed with a residual herbicide pre-drilling but there is some risk to the Quinoa content.

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Supreme Maize/Millet or Maize/Sunflower plus Sorghum

A two or even three way optional mix or it can be sown with a 'surround' of Giant or Dwarf Sorghum. This mix produces an attractive approach cover. It is a very useful taller game cover mix.

Any of the three species combine exceptionally well to create a warm and very striking cover, throughout winter shooting months.


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Supreme Rapid Crop Mix

Exhibits good drought tolerancy. Shows versatility to broadcasting into standing cereal crops or onto winter barley/winter oat stubbles. The inclusion of fodder radish assists against Club Root, (brassicae sickness), thus boosting good establishmentpotential.

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Supreme Extra Hardy Mix

A generous seed rate is recommended in order to ensure good crop cover on known sites where establishment is often difficult.

Extra Hardy gives both excellent cover and a diverse food source for birds.
Best sown from April to late May and can be utilised for brooding.

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Supreme Nesting Mix

 Provides good accessible cover, particularly for smaller birds such as Partridge. Alternatively it can be sown around duck ponds and surrounding areas. Contains nectar producing plants that attract a range of insect and small mammal species compatible to small bird life.

  • This mixture has a wide sowing window and can be sown from late March to early August, dependent on Seed bed conditions and Soil temperatures
  • After full establishment, we advise a very light 'topping' at the end of year one, to prevent lush growth in winter and possible plant kill

Post emergence weed control available.

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Supreme Small Bird Mix

Produces an exceptionally good lower level cover that provides quality feed too. Easy to establish from late April onwards. Very good performance over a range of differing sites and locations and is perfect cover to smaller game birds.

  • This mixture provides an excellent varied food source throughout the shooting season.
  • It gives reasonable winter hardiness, whilst allowing easy access and therefore quality protection to smaller bird species.

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