Supreme Permanent

Supreme Permanent

An exceptionally hardy and persistent ley mix, suited to a minimum 8 to 10 years + duration. Packed with top Diploids Perennial Ryegrasses to provide a dense bottom to the sward. Diploids make this mixture ideally conductive to grazing over a very long period. Flexible to make Hay, Haylage or Silage.


First choice for combined Sheep & Cattle enterprises.


Kimber / Victorian (early dip prg) 2.50 kg
Premium / Boyne (int dip prg)  2.50 kg
Foxtrot (late dip prg)  2.50 kg
Pastour / Cancan (late dip prg) 2.50 kg
Twymax (late tet prg)  3.00 kg
Timothy  0.50 kg
Permanent White Clover Blend (containing small, medium & larged leaved varieties)  0.50 kg


14.00 Kgs/ acre pack

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