Sprint Plus 50 Calf Milk Replacer

Sprint Plus 50 Calf Milk Replacer

for cattle

Sprint Plus 50 Contains a 50% skim that has a high casein content which helps reduce digestive upsets This milkpowder is high in diary protein which ensures the calf digests the nutrients efficiently. Suitable to be added to whole milk - to increase vitamin & mineral levels & also getting the benefit of yeast.

A calf milk replacer ideal for putting bloom on cows.

  • 50% skimmed based milk powder
  • Specially developed using milk protein and selected non milk proteins
  • Easy mixing
  • Using only the best quality raw materials, natural flavours and sweeteners ensures that the milk is readily consumed
  • Includes a balanced blend of vegetable oils, fully homogenised and emulsified, for maximum digestion
  • Contains YEAST
  • Gives healthy, vigorous calves, excellent performance and trouble free rearing


  • Dairy and beef calves
  • Home bred or purchased calves
  • Heifer replacement calves
  • Once and twice a day feeding

Twice a day: 10%
Once a day: 20%

Mixing Temperature 45°C
Feeding Temperature 38°C

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