Supreme Total Graze

Supreme Total Graze

The robust nature of this Ley means not only will it last for a minimum 8 years, but it is suited to a range of locations and soil types. This highly digestible leafy sward of high sugar grasses will enhance meat and milk production due to the palatability and nutritional gain from the leading varieties in the mixture.


An outstanding quality long term grazing mixture suitable for both dairy cows and other ruminant livestock. It contains only Late Perennial Ryegrasses.


Twymax (late tet prg) 2.00 kg 
Aston Amber (late tet prg) 3.50 kg
Foxtrot  (late dip prg)2.50 kg
Pastour / Mezquita  (late dip prg) 1.50 kg
Aberbite / Herbal  (late tet prg) 1.50 kg   
Cancan (late dip prg) 3.00 kg


14.00 Kgs/ acre pack

Total graze can be ordered with or without a specialist grazing blend of
white clovers.

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