Supreme Rapid Crop Mix

Supreme Rapid Crop Mix

Exhibits good drought tolerancy. Shows versatility to broadcasting into standing cereal crops or onto winter barley/winter oat stubbles. The inclusion of fodder radish assists against Club Root, (brassicae sickness), thus boosting good establishmentpotential.


This mix is an exceptional blend specifically designed to provide quickly established, dense cover. A flexible sowing date from May to mid/late August. (Very useful to patch up early game blend failures). It can also double up as a livestock feed mixture, giving the user flexibility in planning cover and catch crops over an estate of farm.


Forage Rape Seed 1.25
Kale Seed (Fleabeetle Treated) 0.25
Red Clover 0.50
Fodder Radish 0.50
Texel Greens/Green Globe Turnip 0.25
Mustard 1.25


4.00 kgs per acre pk, (8.3 lbs/acre)
Could be sprayed with a residual herbicide pre-drilling, with some risk to the clover.

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