Supreme Long Term Dual Purpose

Supreme Long Term Dual Purpose

A highly flexible and productive long term Ley, inclusive of a quality White Clover Blend, containing medium & large leaved varieties.

Absolutely perfect for a range of livestock situations. Gives exceptional high sugar silage, plus highly digestible aftermaths. (Duration a minimum 5 to 7 years).


Premium (int dip prg) 3.00 kg 
Glenstal /Magician (int tet prg) 3.00 kg
Aberfarrell / Calibra (int tet prg) 1.00 kg
Twymax / Herbal (late tet prg) 3.00 kg
Foxtrot / Cancan (late dip prg) 3.00kg
Timothy 0.25 kg
Dual White Clover Blend 0.75 kg


14.00 kgs/ acre pack

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