Equipro (working horse)

Equipro (working horse)

Code: 100

for horses with salmon

A molassed feed bucket with good quality protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements for all classes of horse.

  •  High content of quality protein to supplement low quality forage
  • B-vitamins for in-foal and lactating mares
  • Ideal Ca:P ratio for growth, bone development and condition
  • Added biotin to maintain hoof integrity
  • Vitamin E and selenium to help maintain health and fertility
  • Available in 15kg buckets

Equipro contains pure salmon oil - a rich source of energy and a source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids.


For horses in work, mares in foal or as a boost to horses on poor quality pasture.


Molasses, Hi Pro Soya, Minerals and Vitamins.


Place the bucket in the general vicinity of the source of water if the horse is at grass.

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